Iwi Rentals

Ka ora kāinga rua

We support our whānau members to access discounted affordable rental properties as a pathway to housing & financial independence.

How Does It Work?

Key Features
To be eligible, iwi members need to
  1. Access to quality new housing opportunities, designed to meet whānau needs – see current opportunities
  2. Rentals discounted by on average 20% to support whānau members on a pathway to housing and financial independence
  3. Longer-term rental contracts, providing greater housing security
  4. Pathways to home ownership opportunities
  5. Education and navigation support to help you and your whānau on your journey to housing and financial independence
  1. Not already own a home
  2. Have completed the Ka Uruora education programme
  3. Be working with Ka Uruora to complete a personal financial plan and achieve the goals under the plan
  4. Require help to afford market rents – we focus on supporting households that are having to spend over 30% of their income on rent – our team will help you review your eligibility
  5. Have at least one household member in full-time employment and can afford our discounted rentals – our team will help review this with you.

Housing opportunities will be matched in accordance with your whānau requirements and subject to iwi prioritisation rules.

Subject to the above eligibility and prioritisation criteria, opportunities will be offered on a first-in basis to eligible members participating in our programme. Register now for our education programme to start your journey to housing and financial independence.

Housing Opportunities

Our housing opportunities are offered in partnership with Iwi.

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