Rent to Own

Our Rent to Own programme is a stepping-stone for whānau on their journey to homeownership & financial independence. You can rent for up to 5 years while we help you take the steps necessary toward buying your home.

How Does It Work?

Key Features
This pathway is for whānau who:
  1. Housing opportunities will be matched in accordance with your whānau requirements and subject to iwi prioritisation rules.
  2. Rental contract for up to 5 years with the option to buy your home
  3. Education and navigation support to help you to secure a home loan
  4. Debt reduction and savings support
  1. Don’t already own a home
  2. Have completed the Ka Uruora education programme
  3. Are working with Ka Uruora to complete a personal financial plan and achieve the goals under the plan
  4. Are looking for longer-term rentals that lead into homeownership 
  5. Have manageable debt that can be paid off within five years
  6. Can get a mortgage to acquire at least 60% of the home’s buying price after renting your home for up to five years. (Ka Uruora will support you through the mortgage process)
  7. Require help to achieve home ownership – our Rent to Own programme is designed to support members who need our help, not those that earn enough to otherwise achieve home ownership independently – our team will help you review your eligibility.

Subject to the above eligibility and prioritisation criteria, opportunities will be offered on a first-in basis to eligible members participating in our programme. Register now for our education programme to start your journey to housing and financial independence.

Housing Opportunities

Our housing opportunities are offered in partnership with Iwi.

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