Home Ownership | Tod and Ani Sharland

“Having been knocked down previously in other areas when trying to purchase a whare; it was nice to come back home and be surrounded by whānau who are in your corner, backing you so the journey to home ownership is more than realistic – it’s an actuality.”

Tod and Ani Sharland share their story of homeownership. Having been knocked down previously when trying to purchase a whare, they came back home to Taranaki and went through our education programme. Ka Uruora was privileged to support Tod and Ani acquire their whare through our shared ownership programme, and we love sharing their success story. A look into the Sharlands’ journey is captured in the video below.

Ka Uruora helps iwi whānau on a pathway to home ownership by providing shared ownership funding and support.
Since supporting our first whānau into home ownership last year, the number of shared ownership opportunities we
are able to offer is starting to grow. We are now helping a number of whānau who have come through our education programme into home ownership opportunities. Last month, we were privileged to support Tod and Ani Sharland into home ownership and going forward, are excited to support even more whānau. 

Ka Uruora has a growing pipeline of shared ownership opportunities coming up across Taranaki for iwi members. The starting point to this journey is registering for our financial education programme and WhānauSaver.