Ka Uruora Savings

Whānau financial independence programme.

The Ka Uruora Savings Programme is designed by iwi to support whānau members to manage their financial future. Ka Uruora provides you two savings accounts; KiwiSaver and WhānauSaver, each with features to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial goals: Use to save for:

  • First home – see more
  • Retirement (from age 65)
Financial goals: Use to save for:

  • Financial emergencies
  • Tertiary education
  • First home
  • Retirement (from age 55)
Potential $ contribution benefits:

  • Government contribution (up to $521 per year) – see more
  • Employer contributions (3% of income) – see more
  • HomeStart grant (up to $10,000) – see more
Potential $ contribution benefits:

  • Your iwi may contribute to your savings (advised by your iwi each year)


Using Ka Uruora to invest in the future of your tamariki

Ka Uruora WhānauSaver is a powerful way to invest in the financial future of your tamariki; accounts can be set up from birth and can be contributed to by your wider whānau, including grandparents and your iwi – which over time can grow to create a financial nest egg for their education and housing. If you start early, it just takes a little every week to build meaningful savings for your tamariki’s future – see the example below.


  • Tane and Aroha set up a WhānauSaver account for their newborn tamaiti, Wiremu.
  • To provide for Wiremu’s future, Tane and Aroha decide to each invest $100 per year ($2 / week) into Wiremu’s account
  • Wiremu’s four grandparents also want to invest in their mokopuna’s future, and also each contribute $50 per year – they can invest directly into Wiremu’s WhānauSaver
  • Wiremu’s iwi also wants to invest, and also contributes $100 per year
  • As shown in the graph, if Wiremu’s WhānauSaver account earns 5% per year (net of fees), Wiremu will have almost $18,000 by the time he turns 21 – a great start to finance Wiremu’s education aspirations or towards a deposit for his first home

Using Ka Uruora to help buy your first home

 Using Ka Uruora is a great way to help save a deposit to buy your first home – accessing government and employer KiwiSaver contributions and HomeStart grants. As shown in the example below, saving for just five years in can help build a significant deposit.                 


  • Tane and Aroha are both working, and earn a combined household income of $75,000.
  • They both join the Ka Uruora Savings Programme. In addition to saving $100 pa into their Ka Uruora WhānauSaver accounts (matched by iwi contributions), they both also join the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme, contributing 3% of their salary
  • With KiwiSaver, Tāne and Aroha also receive an extra 3% of their income from their employers and each receive $521 per year from the government
  • After five years, they are also both eligible for up to $10,000 each in HomeStart grants (for a new home)
  • As shown in the graph here, after five years, Tāne and Aroha can build up to $45,000 towards a deposit to their first home

Who is delivering the programme?

  • The Ka Uruora Savings Programme has been designed by Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa and Te Kāhui o Taranaki in conjunction with SuperLife
  • The programme is being delivered by SuperLife, using its registered SuperLife KiwiSaver and SuperLife Invest schemes
  • SuperLife is a major New Zealand superannuation, KiwiSaver and investment provider. Smartshares Limited, a subsidiary of New Zealand Stock Exchange operator NZX, manages the schemes.
  • Refer superlife.co.nz/kauruora for further information

Your KA URUORA WhānauSaver account


  • Available exclusively to registered members of all participating iwi that whakapapa to Taranaki
  • You can join from any age (including newborns)
  • Parents, grandparents and wider whānau can apply for children
  • Sign up online or pick up an application form at superlife.co.nz/kauruora

Making contributions

  • You decide how much you save – you can contribute any value at any time
  • Set up an automatic payment or make electronic transfers directly into your account
  • You can also make contributions directly into the account of your tamariki, mokopuna or wider whānau

Iwi contributions

  • Your iwi will advise each year in advance the extent to which it will contribute to your savings investment choices – see Iwi contributions for the period ending June 2020
  • Your iwi contributions will include Maori Authority Tax Credits, available for members to offset against tax payable on their taxable income – see more

Investment choices

Withdrawing your savings

  • Unexpected emergencies
    • If you’re hit by an unexpected financial emergency you can access up to $500 from your savings (excluding iwi contributions) per year to help manage the financial shock, accessible at short notice.
  • Tertiary education
  • First home
    • Use your savings to help buy your first home – the same withdrawal rules apply to those for KiwiSaver – see more.
  • Retirement (from age 55)
    • Use your savings to provide for your early retirement (from age 55).
  • Death, serious illness or significant financial hardship
    • Similar to KiwiSaver, you can also access your savings when in these circumstances.


  • Admin fee of $12 pa ($1 / month) + fund charges of 0.46% – 0.53% per year For more information, please refer to superlife.co.nz/kauruora for further information.

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